Charm set for children

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Charm set for children includes 100ml Baby Charm and 50ml Baby Bottom Charm

Baby Charm

Particularly mild and comforting massage oil that nurtures sensitive skin. This mild blend of specially selected herbs includes camomile and chickweed, long considered to calm and soothe the skin and colic in babies. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Certified organic oil, no added preservatives, fragrance or colour. pH 7,00.

Baby Bottom Charm

Known to be effective for minor burns, skin abrasions and eruptions. The salve is calming for the skin and soothing for burning pain. Protects the skin against moisture and bacteria. Research shows Baby bottom Charm to be a particularly healing salve, that has an antibacterial effect and protects against skin damage. Certified organic salve, no added preservatives, fragrance or colour. pH 7,00.